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How To Pray: A Guide To Powerful Prayer

“Is Not Knowing How To Pray Keeping You From Praying”

 Discover The Facts About Prayer And How Simple It Really is!

I have heard countless Christians remark that they felt inadequate when it comes to praying. Is that you, as well?

Is This You?

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Do you shy away from saying grace at dinner?

cross clipartDo you pass when it comes your turn in prayer group?

cross clipartDo you shorten your prayer time because you can’t think of the right words?


If that is you…then you are in good company, because you are among the thousands of Christians who just don’t feel that they are adequate when it comes to prayer. I used to be the exact same way myself, until a Pastor came through my church and explained the cause of my fear…and what to do about it!


He explained that even Jesus’ own disciples weren’t sure how to pray! So He taught them.


That’s right, The Lord’s Prayer. Prayed by Millions of people for almost 2000 years.

I would like to share with you the secret of Powerful Prayer!



 Watch this 30 minute video, and along with the PDF ebook, this will be a Godsend to any Christian, whether you are new to prayer, or have been doing it for years. It has incredibly POWERFUL insights to prayer, and would be an awesome addition to your home library or church library.

Once you learn the mechanics of prayer, you will no longer hide when someone asks you to lead in prayer. Share the news with your friends, prayer groups, and even your entire church.

We are only asking for a small pittance for this product…especially when you consider the power of what it will do for you. So…are you in? The full package is yours for a one time payment of $9.95 $1.99 Just click on the Buy Now button below the picture and you will be taken to our secured payment processor.


Fast Action Bonus

The first 100 people who take advantage of this incredible offer will also receive our How To Pray bonus package. This Package includes:

Bonus #1   The Little Book of Children’s Prayers which includes 115 prayers especially created for children.

Bonus #2   Children’s Bible Stories with some of the most beloved stories from the Bible.

Bonus #3   Favorite Hymns Bonus Video a compilation of some of the world’s most inspiring hymns ever, and all by some of your favorite artists.

Don’t let this offer pass you by!   Order Now!

If you do not feel completely blessed by the video and PDF, we will gladly refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

Thank you…and May God Bless,

Dr. Robert White

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