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About Athens ULC

Welcome to Athens Universal Life Church!  Athens ULC is a charter member congregation of the Universal Life Church International Headquarters in Modesto, California (the original Universal Life Church founded in 1959).

We were first planted in November 2012, by our founding members, Rev. Dr. Rob White, his late wife, Judy, and Rev. Larry Grater.  We began by conducting services at the Holiday Inn Express in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and after 6 weeks of paying nearly $100 per week for the room and everything to conduct the services, we were unable to locate a building to call our new congregation, a church home.

Since 2009, Dr. White has had an online ministry and when the building could not be found and Holiday Inn Express just simply was not an option any longer, after much prayer, Dr. White was led to take this new church…online!  So, Athens ULC became a Church Online, conducting live, video broadcasts every Sunday Morning.  After a few weeks and again, a lot of prayer, Dr. White was contacted by Ben Hur Nursing Home to come and conduct Worship Services at their facility every Sunday Morning.  Dr. White had started a Wednesday Night Bible Study there a couple of years earlier and it was still going strong, so, this was an answer to prayer! God provided a building and a new congregation!  Dr. White continued his online ministry, but now, doing the live broadcasting on Sunday Afternoons!

A short few weeks later, Bickford Cottage, an assisted living facility across town, contacted Dr. White to conduct Sunday Evening Services at their facility.

Wow!  God had now provided TWO buildings and TWO congregations!  God IS Great!

So, Athens Universal Life Church was no longer just a Church Online, but a Nursing Home Ministry along with the Online Ministry!  A short time later, Dr. White started a Bible Study group at Bickford Cottage on Thursday Nights.

Athens ULC is a Non-Denominational Christian Church, where EVERYONE is welcome, no matter what denomination or religion your faith is established in.  In both of these facilities, there is a wide mixture of denominations, ranging from Christian, to United Methodist, Catholics to Jehovah Witnesses and more!

Dr. White has ALL of his sermons since November 2012, along with several music videos and even the videos from “The Story” and “Believe!”, available here on our web site. Many of the older sermons have been taken down due to moving video storage services.

Dr. White lost his wife Judy, to two cancers in September 2014. She went to live with the Lord and He healed her that day!

In May 2015, Carol White, Dr. White’s new wife, joined the ministry and began taking her place as a Pastor’s Wife.

Starting in September 2017, we started conducting Worship Services at Whitlock Place in Crawfordsville on Sunday Mornings. We continued the live streaming and archiving these sermons!

Not too long ago, my Wife, Carol, was Ordained and has already officiated her first wedding! She has officially joined the AULC Ministries and is still a Pastor’s Wife and now, is one of the Ministers too!

We no longer have Worship Services or Bible Studies at Ben Hur Nursing Home, Bickford Cottage or Whitlock Place.

In June 2021, we moved to Delphi, Indiana and have since went 100% back online once again.

The Ministry has grown beyond what was originally planned.  Now, instead of using our Church name, we have become the AULC Ministries, a Ministry of the Athens Universal Life Church.  Since our primary ministry is a Nursing Home Ministry, this is the perfect move for us.

With the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, we have been live streaming from our AULC Studios. We have been setup for quite some time now doing this, although now, it is our primary Ministry. We Live Stream every Sunday Morning on our web site and then archive the recorded video on our web site for others to see when they want to, kind of like Video On Demand!

Athens Universal Life Church and the AULC Ministries, welcomes each and every visitor, whether online or at one of our live services.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time!

Thank you for visiting!  Please come back again soon!

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed!
Rev. Dr. Rob White, Minister

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support