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Ministry Update

There are times when it seems that nothing will ever go your way. About a week ago, the server admins decided to take down our Internet Server and start performing major updates (according to them). The server has been down, thus our site (and many others) was down as well. FINALLY, it came back up yesterday late and I was able to get the site updated with the past two weeks of sermon videos, etc. I am not sure if these “updates” are finished or not. I am not going to hold me breath! In any case, we are up
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Spring Cleaning Scheduled

I have put this off for a while and then when looking for some older sermon videos, I discovered that Many videos and audios from 2013-2017 are missing. Now, this isn’t from a hard disk failure, but from when I lost the Vimeo Video Storage account. Since then, I have moved to a different provider and apparently, didn’t get lots of videos moved over. So, in the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I am going to begin to go into the archives and start cleaning up the database. This will take time, so if you are searching for older sermons, you
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