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AULC Studios


Being a Church Online doesn’t necessarily mean that EVERYTHING is done online!  For this reason, Athens ULC has a studio setup to record our services and to create the audios and videos that you see and hear every week.

Since we reach out to the community with some of our services, we will record some of these services on site during our live Worship Service and use these recordings for our archives.

Many of our services, such as the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and other special services, are recorded live in our studios.  In these cases, we utilize green screen or chromakey technologies that enable us to change the background of our video to fit the situation or location of that service.

We recently setup a special domain called AULC Studios that will serve as a server for our audio podcasts and other broadcasting needs.

What is Green Screen or Chromakey Technology?

When you watch your local Weather Person, and they are standing in front of a weather map and pointing to various places, etc., they are really standing in front of a blue or green painted wall, called a green screen (or blue screen).  Then through the magic of video and chromakey, the person running the video board will place a different image, like a weather map, onto the background and the people at home will see this image, and not the blue or green wall.  The Weather Person is seeing a blue or green wall, but looking off to the side at another monitor and will see the images that the people at home are seeing.  This way, they know which way to stand or point to.


In the example images, you see me in what appears to be an office or den in the image on the left.  In reality, the image on the right shows me sitting in front of a green screen or in this case, a green muslin sheet.

Green Screen or Chromakey technology allows for us to present our sermons in a number of locations, without ever leaving the studio!


Jumping to 2020, AULC Ministries is now, much like many churches, live streaming our services. Due to this, we are utilizing special software for our GreenScreen activities that is used during the actual live streaming. The pictures here show how we were doing it and then post processing the greenscreen to put into our finished product.

For more information on how we are doing this, please check out this blog post

This blog post will show you the technology behind our greenscreen usage today!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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