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  • Back in the saddle again!

    After a visit to my cardiologist, he now tells me that I am healthy enough to return to work...just have to take it easy and slow and I should be ok. He will be adjusting my medication over the next few weeks to get me adjusted to this "new lfestyle" and living with a heart condition. Apparently, the episode that began this whole rollercoaster of events, was actually a heart attack. Like I said in an earlier poost, two stents later and a boatload of medications, I am back in the saddle once again and hopefully, Lord willing, I will be around for a long time to come! I will keep you updated! Thank you for hanging in there!

  • And now, a word from our sponsor!

    By now, you have probably noticed some ads appearing on our ministry site. We are allowing some affiiliate advertising to help with some of our monitary income. Since we only take donations, all other income has to come from my wife and my day jobs. Anyway, don't let the advetising throw you.

  • Coming Soon!

    Since we moved away from Wordpress several weeks ago, we lost the ability to blog! So, we have been scouring the the Internet to find the right kind of software that will allow us to start blogging once again and I believe we have found it finally! After we get it setup and running and are sure that it will work for our needs, we will activate it get the word out to you so that you can begin to get our updates once blog!It shouldn't be much longer, so check back often to see what's happening!

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