Church News

  • Starting Almost At Square One

    Wordpress 6.0.1 has been giving us fits, along with many others, for the past two or three months or so. We are moving to a new format and it will take some time to get all of our older sermons on to the new site here. You will see new additions, almost daily, as we begin rebuilding (again!) and this means that we are having to go back to square one and start over. Please bear with us as we go through this process. The routine errors that Wordpress has been causing should go away as we take it offline and replace it with our new site. Thank you all for your patience!

  • The More You Know...

    Just so that you know, you will see LOTS of changes going on for the next few weeks (at least) until we get back up and running again. Our main concern right now, is to have a site that is up and running for you and to be able to at least get to our most recent sermons and resources. If you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we will strive to get it back on the site right away! Keep looking up!

Recent Sermons