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Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Today’s Reading:
Leviticus 11 – Leviticus 13:1-28

Leviticus 11

Leviticus 12

Leviticus 13:1-28

Welcome to the AULC Ministries 2


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Dr. Rob White – January 22, 2023

What Would Jesus Do?

Recorded Live January 27th, 2019
We can help to make Jesus king in our life by asking “What would Jesus do?”–– and by letting the answer set the direction of our lives.
Scripture Text: John 18:33-37
A sermon by Rev. Dr. Rob White for the AULC Ministries

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“Everyone is welcome here, no matter what doctrine or faith you believe in!  All of our sermons and studies are taken direct from the Holy Bible…The Good News of Jesus Christ and the One and Only God!”

Dr. Rob White, Senior Minister

Meet the Staff

Dr. Rob White

Dr. White is the Senior Minister and holds two Ph.D.’s in Religion and Biblical Studies. He handles all of the Internet business and updates, to include the online activities as well.

Pastor Carol White

Pastor Carol is the wife of Dr. Rob and came onboard to this Ministry in 2015. She has performed a couple of marriages and handles counseling and other duties as well.

Art Akilis, LaySpeaker

Art is the AULCs A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) LaySpeaker. His name, Art Akilis stands for Art (Artificial) Akilis (Swahili for Intelligence). He fills in for Dr. Rob whenever he can!

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