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Explore 100 Proofs That Jesus Is God

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From the very beginning, the first followers of Jesus worshipped Him as God. What made them so certain of His identity? And what testimony gives us the same confidence today that Jesus and God are one? The answer is found in Scripture. In fact, there isn’t just one answer; there are hundreds of assurances that Jesus is God incarnate! Explore all the evidence when you read the book 100 Proofs That Jesus Is God. You’ll consider the many attributes of Jesus that are the very same attributes of God and that affirm His deity.

This easy-to-read book presents one hundred one-page readings that each give a different piece of evidence pointing to Jesus’ divine nature. For example, you’ll consider how Jesus is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, and you’ll read about the many signs that eyewitnesses saw firsthand, including how demons acknowledged Jesus as God and how He raised Himself from the dead. These events left the followers of Jesus without a doubt that they were in the presence of the living God.

This biblically rich book dives into the age-old debate over Christ’s divinity by methodically examining Jesus’ life, ministry, and teachings.

According to the book’s foreword writer, 100 Proofs That Jesus Is God is full of “golden nuggets of sound doctrine” that will help you articulate Christ’s deity and believe it with certainty.

100 Proofs That Jesus Is God will help you deepen your understanding of the nature and person of Jesus Christ and is a helpful book to give to a friend with questions about who Jesus truly is.


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