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The Assuring Presence

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Why anyone would pester Hannah Lake is beyond me. If her sweet face doesn’t de-starch your shirt, her angelic voice will. But a grade school bully tried to stir some trouble. Intimidation.  Pressure. But Hannah did not fold. And in the end, it was her faith that pulled her through. The older student warned Hannah, “Any day now I’m coming after you.” Hannah didn’t flinch or cry; she simply informed the perpetrator about the facts. “Do whatever you need to do,” she said. “Just know this: God is on my side.” Last word has it that no more threats have been made!

Elementary school bullies don’t await you, but job transfers and fair-weather friends do. Challenges pockmark the pathway of your life. Where do you find energy to face them? You know, God never promises the absence of distress. But he does promise the assuring presence of his Holy Spirit.

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