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Rekindling Fire in Your Heart for God

Do you remember your days as a new believer? You thought the love in your heart would never leave.

Yet here you are, and things are different. You realize that you are failing in your faith. You just don’t feel the way you did when you first came to Christ.

You are alone – and drifting.

You haven’t picked up a Bible in weeks. You rarely pray and when you do, the prayers feel empty and shallow. You are not even sure God hears you anymore.

Your relationship with God is different. Off. You start to feel anxious all the time and overwhelmed with spiritual things.

Coming to Christ out of darkness is the most important decision a believer can make in their life. No other decision changes your life so drastically and completely.

The place of brokenness that most people experience causes them to leave everything and run to Jesus. The new relationship with Christ you have is so wonderful and fulfilling as a baby Christian you think it could never slip.

But it has, and you’re not even sure what has happened.

You have entered spiritual drift.

As a baby Christian you are so excited and full of love for the Lord that you read the Bible every day, pray every day, and you’re telling anyone and everyone about your relationship with Christ.

Everything looked new and wonderful. Hope was alive in your heart. You never felt so transformed from a life of misery to a life of wholeness in Christ.

But somehow you are now distant.

Jesus doesn’t seem as close as He used to be. The Bible is not as exciting as it was in the beginning of your relationship. You find yourself sliding back towards your old habit patterns that you left.

What happened? What changed? Why does the love you once felt seem so far away?

Spiritual drift. A spiritual infection of sorts that creeps in on the believer if they are not careful. Drift happens when you take your eyes off Him. It creeps in when you are not totally focused on Him and His love for you.

When the world comes into focus and that focus begins to fill your heart full of the world’s cares and desires, spiritual drift is on the horizon.

But there is a way back.

Spiritual drift is not your final destination. The Christ your heart loved is still there. His promises for you are never removed. There are clear paths to restoring that first love.

Drift is just a season you can recover from and get back on course.

Drift happens so slightly we hardly even notice it until we are fully off course like a ship drifting on the ocean. Every little bit of drift pulls it further and further off course.

Let’s see how to get you restored.

Over the next few days, we will explore ways that you can rekindle that fire in your heart and restore your relationship with God!

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support