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The Trinitarian Trifecta

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Paradise is not promised until Jesus returns. Peace, joy, and absence of pain are promises of the future, not of the present. Sin is still epidemic, but the cure is coming.

Christ predicted bad news. He told us things are going to get bad before they get better. And when conditions worsen, “See to it that you are not alarmed” (Matthew 24:6 NIV). The only time we should get scared is when something surprises God. If something takes God by surprise, we are doomed. But since God knows all things, we are comforted.

The same God who has the power of omniscience (knowing everything) also has the power of omnipresence (being multipresent) and omnipotence (having all power). That trinitarian trifecta is unstoppable. All problems are too small in the shadow of God.

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