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Time for Rest

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Time for rest must be taken on a daily and a weekly basis. God told Moses, “Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work…” (Exodus 23:12 NIV). This was not a suggestion; this was a command. Rest! The Israelite who violated this law paid for the sin with his or her life. Today the death penalty is still in effect, but the death is a gradual one that comes from overwork, stress, and anxiety. Never has rest been more important. We move at too fast a pace.

To relax is to disengage and let go. An hour or day long Sabbath is not the time to catch up with your work. It is a time to entrust your work to God. After all, he worked for six days and then rested, and the world didn’t fall apart. It won’t for you either.

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