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Behold, Your Mother! – May 12th, 2024 – Mother’s Day

Dr. Rob White - May 12, 2024

Behold Your Mother

In the Bible, mothers are celebrated too! Not by official holidays or festivals, but celebrated nontheless by Jesus, as we will talk about in our message today.

Scripture References: John 19:25-26

From Series: "Holiday Series"


Behold Your Mother Sermon Notes

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In a touching sermon dedicated to Mother’s Day, Dr. Rob White from Athens Universal Life Church delves into the relationship between Jesus and His mother, Mary, illuminating the virtues and challenges of motherhood through biblical narratives. The sermon, titled “Behold, Your Mother,” references multiple scriptures, particularly from the Gospel of John and Luke, to highlight the pivotal moments in Mary’s life as a mother to Jesus.

The sermon begins by recognizing the establishment of Mother’s Day in the United States in 1914 and relates this celebration to the biblical acknowledgment of mothers’ unique roles. It focuses on the strength, foresight, and faith of Mary, starting with the Annunciation, where she bravely accepts the divine responsibility of bearing the Son of God, despite her initial doubts and fears.

Mary’s journey of motherhood is portrayed through various vignettes that reveal her nurturing and protective nature. For instance, when Jesus was twelve, Mary experienced the panic any parent would feel upon losing a child. This incident at the temple in Jerusalem emphasizes a mother’s boundless concern and her ability to balance reprimand with reassurance.

One of the most compelling moments discussed is at the wedding in Cana, where Mary encourages Jesus to perform His first miracle. This scenario underscores a mother’s intuitive knowledge of her child’s potential and her role in nurturing and pushing this potential to fruition.

Moreover, the sermon addresses the profound pain and strength displayed by Mary during the crucifixion of Jesus. Standing at the foot of the cross, she embodies the ultimate expression of motherly love—witnessing her child’s suffering with courage and faith. Jesus’ words, “Woman, behold your son,” directed to Mary and His disciple John, signify the continuation of care and familial bonds beyond His death.

The sermon concludes with a poignant tribute to the resilience and multifaceted capabilities of mothers, inspired by an anecdote from Erma Bombeck. It illustrates not only the physical and emotional strength of a mother but also her profound impact on the spiritual and moral upbringing of her children.

Dr. White’s message is a powerful reminder of the sacrificial and guiding role of mothers, not only in nurturing their children but also in shaping their moral and spiritual lives. This Mother’s Day, we reflect on the blessing of motherhood through Mary’s example, recognizing mothers everywhere for their undying love, strength, and wisdom.

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