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Trusting God’s Promises: A Reflection on Genesis Chapter 15

As we start our day, let’s immerse ourselves in a spiritual journey through the book of Genesis – specifically, chapter 15. This scripture offers an essential lesson about faith and the unwavering promises of God.

Genesis Chapter 15 opens with God appearing to Abram (later known as Abraham) in a vision, comforting him by saying, “Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.” These words assure us that when we have faith in God’s plan for our lives, He becomes our shield and reward.

Abram expressed his concern about not having an heir and that a servant would inherit his property. From this action we learn it is okay to voice our fears and doubts to God; He listens. Mirroring Abraham’s transparency with God allows for a deeper relationship with Him.

God responded to Abram by promising that he would have a son from his own flesh and blood. He further reassured Abram by pointing at the stars and saying, “So shall thy seed be,” emphasizing that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. This promise may seem impossible considering Abram’s age and their circumstance of being childless. But part of our faith journey involves trusting in God’s promises no matter how impossible they seem from our human perspective.

In verse 6 we find this powerful statement – “And he believed the LORD; and the LORD counted it to him as righteousness.” When things became uncertain, Abram believed in God’s promise without doubt or reservation. This was deemed as righteousness!

This reminds us that despite our struggles or conditions that seem unchangeable; when we place our trust in God’s word just like Abram did — believe His promises — He sees it as an act of righteousness. So trust His promises because they are sure to come to pass just as they did for Abraham.

God is our shield, protector, and rewarder. So let’s boldly express our fears and make our requests known before Him. Trust in His promises even when they seem impossible. In doing so, you may find that your faith will be accounted as righteousness.

As we carry on through this day, may this reflection bring comfort and reassurance to your hearts. Remember, just as He was with Abraham, God is with us always.

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