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Do You Wish You Could Readily Quote Scripture?

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If you have friends who can seemingly recite Scripture passages with ease, you might wonder how they do it—and wish that you, too, had full verses right there and accessible in your mind! Well, memorizing Scripture is easier than you think when you follow the simple pattern in the booklet How to Memorize Scripture for Life.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll discover practical strategies for making Scripture memorization a rewarding and lasting practice. You’ll learn how to choose verses that are meaningful to you, how to apply auditory and visual tools to facilitate remembering, and how to follow a four-day pattern of recitation to implant verses and passages in your mind.

There are many benefits to having God’s Word readily accessible: it is a preventative measure for avoiding temptation, it enables you to experience the spiritual transformation Paul describes in the book of Romans, it facilitates personal holiness, and it enables you to share the Gospel more effectively with others.

If you’ve never benefited from the practice of memorizing Scripture, How to Memorize Scripture for Life will help you make this important habit part of your spiritual growth. Building up a storehouse of biblical truth in your heart will strengthen your prayer life and your relationship with Christ.

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