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The Assurance in Obedience

Scripture: Genesis 7


A new day is upon us, an opportunity for us to embrace God’s word and apply it to our lives. Today, we draw from Genesis Chapter 7, a powerful narration of obedience and trust.

In this chapter, Noah and his family are called by God to enter the ark along with pairs of every living creature. Noah’s obedience doesn’t waver. He is faithful and diligent in following God’s precise instructions even without knowing the full picture. He does not allow doubt or fear to deter him from God’s path.

In our walk of faith today, we too are called to possess the same faithfulness and obedience as Noah. We may not understand why certain circumstances occur or why he asks us to walk down difficult avenues. But remember that His plans have a purpose that far outweighs our temporary discomfort or understanding.

God’s command to Noah wasn’t a suggestion- it was the key to his salvation amidst the deluge that soon engulfed the earth. In the same way, God’s Word is not optional for us; it’s vital for our spiritual survival and growth.

When we read Genesis 7:16 “And those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him; and the Lord shut him in.” We see an important message – As they followed His commandments faithfully, He protected them from the storm outside by shutting them in.

Today let us remind ourselves – When we are “shut in” with God during life’s storms- through prayerful communion and unwavering commitment- we will surely be under divine protection.

No matter what you face today – personal trials, professional challenges or even global crises – have confidence that when you follow God’s instructions just as Noah did, you too will be under His protection.

Dear Father,
Help us to trust you fully and obey your commands just like Noah. No matter the circumstances around us, let our hearts hold steadfast to your Word. Grant us the wisdom to comprehend your divine plans and courage to walk into the unknown, knowing that you are our protector and guide. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Commit today to practice obedience, even when God’s instructions might not make sense from a world’s perspective. Like Noah, trust His divine plan, and you will witness His protection and blessing upon your life.

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support