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Does the Old Testament Really Point to Jesus?

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Does the Old Testament Really Point to Jesus? explains six different ways you can identify Jesus foreshadowed and promised in the books of the Old Testament. You’ll even learn how the law of Moses points forward to Christ.

In this insightful booklet, the author notes that “if we fail to appreciate how the Old Testament points to Jesus, then we end up in error. If we’re not reading the Old Testament in light of the gospel … the Old Testament is reduced to a Christless moral code …. Worst of all, when Jesus is absent from our interpretation, we begin relating to God apart from the only one who can bring us to God—and that’s futile!”  

Jesus Himself taught His disciples to read the Old Testament in a new way, not by changing the meaning of the text but by showing them how He Himself genuinely and truly completes its story. He also explained that neither He nor the Old Testament could be understood without looking at both. In just forty-five pages, this easy-to-read guide will give you all the tools you need to connect the dots between where Jesus is promised in the Old Testament—more than four hundred times!—to where God’s promises about our salvation through His Son are fulfilled. 

Does the Old Testament Really Point to Jesus? is a booklet that every student of the Bible should read. It’s a great companion for any Old Testament Bible study and is also helpful to share with those who are new to studying God’s Word. The most important lesson of the Old Testament is that it points forward.  

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