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Unity Matters to God

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None of us can do what all of us can do. Remember Jesus’ commission to the disciples? “You”—speaking to all of you collectively—”will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8 NIV). Jesus didn’t issue individual assignments. He works in community. “Jesus is the head of the body, which is the church” (Colossians 1:18 NCV). I am not his body; you are not his body. We—together—are his body.

But this body has been known to misbehave. The brain discounts the heart – academics discount worshippers. The hands criticize the knees – people of action criticize people of prayer. It is a clear case of mutiny on the body. We cannot say, “I have no need of you.” Cooperation is more than a good idea; it is a command. Unity matters to God. May it matter to us.

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