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Resplendent Resurrection: The Dawn of Eternal Life – A Daily Devotion

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for another beautiful day filled with your grace and love. We marvel at the miracles that surround us and acknowledge the divine plan that unfolds in our lives each day. Today, let us immerse ourselves in contemplation about the events after Jesus’s resurrection – the cornerstone of our Christian faith.

After this astonishing resurrection, Jesus made multiple appearances before his disciples, igniting flames of hope, faith, and eternal life in their hearts. He bridged the gap between earth and heaven, death and life, despair and hope.

The first person to meet the risen Christ was Mary Magdalene outside the empty tomb. When she recognized Him as her teacher “Rabboni,” it was a moment of overwhelming love, assurance, and joy (John 20:16). This encounter teaches us that no matter how bleak our situation appears, there is always hope through Jesus Christ who brings comfort in our moments of deep sorrow.

Then there were two followers on their way to Emmaus who met a stranger who explained the Scriptures to them. This stranger turned out to be Jesus himself but they didn’t recognize him until he broke bread with them (Luke 24:13-32). This reminds us that Jesus walks with us even when we do not realize His presence; He is the center of our life’s journey.

Following this event was his appearance to ten apostles when he showed his pierced hands and side providing tangible proof of his resurrection (John 20:19-20). Thomas wasn’t present at this time. Later when Thomas saw him and touched his wounds he believed too (John 20:24-29). This scenario assures us that faith goes beyond what we can touch or see; it is believing without seeing.

Lastly, during one early morning by the Sea of Tiberias, He guided some disciples who were fishing to get a large number of fish, demonstrating that with His guidance we can achieve beyond our imagination (John 21:1-14). This incident teaches us to always heed His direction, for He knows the best path for us.

God, help us to reflect upon these appearances and understand that the resurrection was not an end, but a beginning. Jesus’s life conquered death and gave birth to a new spiritual awakening in us. As we journey through life, let the post-resurrection events guide and strengthen our faith.

In Jesus’ name,

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support