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Make Your Study Personal! Use the ESV Scripture Journal for the Book of Acts

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If you’ve never studied Scripture by taking notes and highlighting key sections right on the text itself, you’ll find that it’s a helpful way to enhance your learning. With the ESV Scripture Journal for the book of Acts, you’ll trace your way through the vital period after the resurrection of Jesus, learn how Christianity spread, and experience the missionary journeys of the apostle Paul. This travel-ready journal, which contains the text for the whole book of Acts, has plenty of room for sermon notes or personal reflection as you study.

The book of Acts offers a look at the challenges the followers of Jesus faced as the early church grew—trials that weren’t all that different from those we face today. With the ESV Scripture Journal for Acts, you’ll be able to dig into the biblical text on the left side and add your notes on the lightly lined pages on the right.

The ESV Scripture Journal for Acts will enhance your learning throughout all twenty-eight chapters as you watch the disciples spread the Gospel to both Jews and gentiles. Your notetaking will aid your focus and help you get the most out of this exciting New Testament book.  

Written by the Gospel writer Luke, the book of Acts shows us how to apply the Gospel sharing model we see used by the disciples and history’s earliest Christians. This durable, paperback journal is a great place to highlight and make notes about how to overcome common objections to the Gospel message and how we can depend on the Holy Spirit to strengthen us as we share the good news with those in our lives.

A great tool for individual or group study, the ESV Scripture Journal for Acts will help you devote yourself to deep study of God’s Word.  

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