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Another Apostle – Easter Sunday – March 31st, 2024

Dr. Rob White - March 31, 2024

Another Apostle

Just as Jesus said to those first disciples, "So I send you," so also he says to us, "So I send you!" (John 20:21)

Scripture References: John 20:1-18

From Series: "Easter Series"

Another Apostle

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In a world where hope seems elusive and despair rampant, Easter arrives as a beacon of light, illuminating the path to redemption and renewal. The Easter sermon delivered by Dr. Rob White, Senior Minister of the Athens Universal Life Church, transcends the traditional narrative, shedding light on the often-overlooked figure of Mary Magdalene and her pivotal role in the resurrection story.

Dr. White begins by delving into the familiar account of Jesus’ resurrection as narrated in the Gospel of John. Mary Magdalene emerges as the central figure, the first witness to the empty tomb and the risen Christ. Despite societal norms and patriarchal constraints, Jesus chose Mary, a flawed woman who had been demon-possessed, to be the harbinger of the greatest news humanity would ever know.

Drawing parallels between the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Dr. White challenges conventional interpretations. While tradition recognizes the twelve apostles, including figures like Peter, James, and John, Dr. White highlights Mary’s unique status as the first witness to the resurrection and the first commissioned by Jesus to spread the Good News. Though not explicitly labeled as an apostle in the Bible, Mary’s significance cannot be understated.

Through Mary’s story, Dr. White emphasizes the transformative power of Easter. Just as Jesus liberated Mary from her demons, Easter symbolizes God’s ability to turn hopeless situations into stories of redemption and hope. The resurrection of Jesus signifies the triumph of life over death, offering humanity a chance at a new beginning.

However, the sermon doesn’t end with a mere retelling of the past. Dr. White exhorts listeners to embody the spirit of Mary Magdalene in their own lives. Just as Mary obeyed Jesus’ command to spread the word, believers are called to be modern-day messengers of hope and love. Whether it’s inviting a neighbor to church, serving the community, or offering a simple act of kindness, every action becomes an opportunity to share the Easter message.

In conclusion, Dr. Rob White’s Easter sermon challenges us to reconsider Mary Magdalene’s role in the resurrection narrative and invites us to embrace the message of hope and renewal that Easter represents. As we bask in the dawn of a new day, let us heed the call to be agents of change, spreading love, and light in a world yearning for redemption.

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