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Is God Always Good?

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Is God only good when the outcome is? When the illness is in remission, we say “God is good.” Do we say the same in the cemetery as well as the nursery? In the unemployment line as well as the grocery line? Is God good when the outcome is not?

Do you want to know heaven’s clearest answer to the question of suffering? Well look at Jesus. He pressed fingers into the sore of the leper. He wept at the death of a friend. He doesn’t recoil, run, or retreat at the sight of pain. Just the opposite. Trivial irritations of family life? Jesus felt them. A seemingly senseless death? Just look at the cross. He exacts nothing from us that he did not experience himself. Why? Because he is good. “…He is a shield to all who trust him” (Psalm 18:30 NKJV).

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