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A Timeless Classic That Explores the Doctrine of Providence

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Divine Providence, written by Puritan preacher Stephen Charnock, is an in-depth exploration of the mysterious ways in which God governs and sustains the universe. Originally written in the seventeenth century, Charnock’s work remains a timeless and influential exposition on the intricate relationship between human free will and divine providence.

The book draws from Scripture to examine the complex interplay between God’s foreknowledge, His wisdom, and the free will of human beings. Through thoughtful and pastoral analysis, Charnock helps us more fully understand the ways in which God’s providential care extends to every aspect of creation, from the grandest cosmic events to the smallest details of individual lives. Divine Providence also addresses how suffering, evil, and life’s apparent randomness are used to fulfill God’s overarching plan.

Divine Providence will take you on a spiritual journey that will invite you to contemplate the profound mysteries of faith and divine governance.

This recently revised edition contains updated language and formatting for easier comprehension. The material is organized into chapters that cover similar concepts and themes, and there are study questions at the end of each chapter, making the book a great choice for group study.


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