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Roku Channel News

As you know, we have had Roku Channel since 2018 and have been putting our weekly sermons and music videos on there since.

Roku recently changed it’s terms of service for channel providers (like us) and we had to completely redo our channel by re-programming our channel code. This turned out to be a daunting task since I could not get any real help with the coding, except to pay someone for this assistance.

I couldn’t afford this help, so it was left up to me, basically, and my coding skills were rusty and there was a lot of re-learning. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to put together a channel code that finally did pass Roku’s certification process.

That aside, we do have our new channel online and it is not exactly what we want, however, it did get us back online and will give me some time to put together a new channel, designed the way we want it to work (hopefully).

Roku’s new changes did not affect our Amazon Fire TV channel, so there is some good news.

If you aren’t familiar with Roku, check out their website to find out more about this streaming platform.

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