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Dr. Rob Is Back Preaching Once Again!

It’s a New Year and thanks to God’s Grace and Healing, Dr. Rob is back once again preaching!

Due to health reasons, back in late 2022, Dr. Rob had to step back and recover and in the interim, we ran a series we called, “Blast From The Past” which featured previously recorded sermons from 2018 and 2019 that had not made it onto our Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels.

We wrapped up that series with our Christmas Weekend sermon and even though it was the last sermon for 2023, we started off the New Year with Dr. Rob, back in the saddle again!

He is not fully recovered and may never, fully recover from his heart attack, however, that will not keep him from preaching as long as his health holds out like it is right now.

Dr. Rob will feature some new sermons this coming year and may throw in a few “older” sermons, if need be. Don’t worry though, he will not fall back on the “Blast From The Past” unless his health gets to a point that he just can’t do it.

We will keep you updated, but rest assured, for now, he is back once again!

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