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Find Refreshment for Your Soul in This One-Year Devotional

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If you feel like the world around you is increasingly chaotic, spend a few minutes each day resting in God’s peace. The one-year devotional Refreshment for the Soul: A Year of Daily Devotional Readings from the “Heavenly Doctor” Richard Sibbes will offer you a brief respite from the challenges of the day! This new collection of reflections is drawn from the writings of Sibbes, a well-known Puritan preacher at Cambridge in the sixteenth century. As editor David. B. MacKinnon explains, his sermons were widely regarded as “deeply biblical, spiritually helpful, warmly pastoral, and immensely practical,” which is why he earned the name “the Heavenly Doctor.”

Compiled by a pastor of forty years who has found Sibbes’s works to be deeply encouraging in his own life, this devotional includes 366 brief readings—perfect for the 2024 leap year! Each day’s meditation will point you to a verse from Scripture followed by insightful commentary from Sibbes. He writes with conviction on a wide range of topics, such as keeping a pure heart, distinguishing between true and false humility, and gaining victory in spiritual battles. Refreshment for the Soul also includes multiday series on topics that every Christian can benefit from, like what to do when we feel our faith is weak and how to diagnose spiritual discouragement.

If you enjoy the deep biblical insights and devout prayers characteristic of the Puritans, you won’t want to miss this excellent collection from Sibbes. Written more than four hundred years ago, the meditations in Refreshment for the Soul have inspired believers for generations.

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