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Introduce Three People to the Gospel of John.

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The new year is the perfect time to strike up a Gospel conversation with unbelieving friends or neighbors. A helpful companion for your conversation is a sharable copy of the Gospel of John—a biographical testimony of the life of Jesus and what He has done on our behalf. This easy-to-read presentation of John’s Gospel is accessible to those who may feel intimidated by the full course of Scripture.

These high-quality paperback ESV editions are designed specifically to give to others, and the format is intentionally simplified so that John’s Gospel can be read in a straightforward manner. The booklets come with an attractive press-grain paperback cover, thick interior pages, and a simple layout to enhance comprehension.

The beginning of the booklet includes a helpful introduction to orient new readers, including context for what gospel means and why the ESV translation was chosen. At the end of the book, there’s an explanation of what it means to be a Christian and a sample prayer that readers can pray to ask Jesus to dwell within them and empower them to live as a faithful follower. It also includes a plan for reading through the book of John in three days, seven days, or twenty-one days.

Approachable for those who have never opened a Bible, this pocket-sized presentation is a perfect icebreaker for follow-up to Gospel conversations. With the new year around the corner, this bundle can support your intentional efforts to introduce others to Jesus.

Order yours today, and give them away so that God’s Word can do God’s work in the lives of friends or coworkers who have yet to know Him.


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