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Meet Our Translation Partners!

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This year, we partnered with several international ministries and publishers to translate and distribute our books in other languages.

Through their dedicated efforts, much progress has been made! I’m delighted to update you on this exciting work and introduce you to just a few of the friends alongside us in our mission to bring the truth of God’s Word to as many as possible.

These translation initiatives are funded by your giving to Truth For Life, so I hope you’re greatly encouraged to learn more about how your support is bringing the teaching to an even wider international audience.

Thank you for your faithful and prayerful commitment to the Gospel.


Meet Andrea Artioli
From Italy

Andrea is the founder of Coram Deo Publishing and has published Brave by Faith, Pray Big, The Hand of God, and volume one of the Truth For Life devotional in Italian. Visit Coram Deo and order Alistair’s books in Italian at

A Message from Andrea:

Unlike other countries in Europe, Italy never felt the impact of the Reformation. In a population of over 60 million, only 1.1% of Italians consider themselves to be evangelical Christians. Among those who are evangelical, there is great need for doctrinal and practical instruction. While books for individual believers, pastors, churches, and students are plentiful in the UK and in the US, in Italy, the situation is quite desperate, as there are only a few publishing houses and very few biblically sound books in Italian. We’re excited to make teaching from Alistair and Truth For Life available.

Simona from Coram Deo holding
Pray Big in Italian.

Meet David Adams
From Colombia

David directs Poiema Publicaciones, a Gospel-centered, Spanish publishing ministry in Medellin, Colombia. Visit Poiema and order the Truth For Life devotional, volume one in Spanish at

A Message from David:

Last year, we partnered with Truth For Life to make Alistair’s books available in over 20 Spanish-speaking countries. We’ve finished our first project, the Truth For Life devotional, volume one. We’re currently working on several other titles, including The Christian Manifesto, On Being a Pastor, and Preaching for God’s Glory. Thank you for supporting Truth For Life and making these projects possible. Please pray for the Lord to use them to strengthen believers, bring unbelievers to saving faith, and strengthen Spanish-speaking pastors and churches!

Earlier this year, volume one of the
Truth For Life devotional in Spanish was distributed to 2,300 men attending the ESI (Equipping Servants International) pastors’ conferences in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, and Guatemala.

Meet Domini Primero
From the Philippines

Domini (Dom) is a cofounder of Driven by the Gospel, a ministry that aims to bring the Gospel message of salvation to the Philippines and neighboring countries. Visit Driven by the Gospel at

A Message from Domini:

Since Driven by the Gospel was conceived, we have translated and published over 300 articles, audio-video podcasts, and quotes that have reached thousands of Filipinos online. We’re currently translating Pray Big along with the Pray Big study guide and volume one of the Truth For Life devotional. Our prayer is that these books will help Filipino Christians grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus, that they will point Filipino nonbelievers to Christ, and that God will strengthen the local church—especially the small, hard-to-reach, and financially poor churches in the provinces.

Dom and his team receiving
Pray Big, which
into Filipino.

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