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We Want Jesus To Come Quickly! – December 10th, 2023

Dr. Rob White - December 10, 2023

We Want Jesus To Come Quickly!

July 8th, 2018
Jesus can redeem even the most difficult moments in our lives.
Scripture Text: Mark 5:21-43
A sermon by Rev. Dr. Rob White for Athens Universal Life Church

From Series: "Blast From The Past"

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In a world often fraught with uncertainties and challenges, the sermon “We Want Jesus to Come Quickly!” draws inspiration from Mark 5 to offer solace and profound insights into the enduring power of faith.

The sermon begins by narrating the intertwined stories of Jairus, a synagogue leader, and an unnamed woman who had suffered from a debilitating condition for twelve years. Jairus urgently seeks Jesus’ help for his dying daughter, while the woman, having exhausted all medical avenues, seeks healing by merely touching Jesus’ robe. These narratives, woven together, create a powerful illustration of faith in the face of desperation.

Jairus, a man of stature, and the marginalized woman share a common denominator – faith. Their stories unfold against the backdrop of urgency and despair. Jairus, fearing for his daughter’s life, pleads with Jesus to come quickly. The woman, after a dozen years of suffering, believes that a mere touch of Jesus’ garment can bring about her healing. These stories resonate with the universal human experience of grappling with circumstances that threaten to overwhelm us.

The central theme emphasizes the significance of faith during life’s tumultuous moments. The sermon reflects on how, in times of crisis, we often cry out for a guiding light, a solution to our troubles. Drawing from the King’s Christmas Day address during a dark period in history, the sermon encourages listeners to venture into the darkness and put their hand into the hand of God. This act of faith is portrayed as better than light and safer than a known way, reinforcing the idea that, despite the prevalent fears of the day, God’s guidance transcends all uncertainties.

The narrative takes a poignant turn as it shares the personal account of biblical scholar William Barclay, who faced the tragic loss of his daughter in a boating accident. Despite the storm, Barclay found solace in the stillness within, attributing his strength to God, who stilled the storm in his heart. This testimony serves as a reminder that, as Christians, we are not exempt from life’s storms, but walking in faith allows God to bring us through even the darkest times.

Closing with a heartfelt poem by Annie Johnson Flint, the sermon acknowledges the inevitability of challenges in life. Flint’s verses affirm that, while God doesn’t promise a life without sorrow or pain, He provides strength, rest, light, grace, and unfailing love to navigate through life’s trials.

In essence, “We Want Jesus to Come Quickly!” delivers a powerful message about the enduring nature of faith. It encourages believers to cling to their faith in the darkest hours, trusting that God’s hand is a source of light and safety. The stories of Jairus, the suffering woman, and William Barclay serve as timeless reminders that, through faith, we can find hope, strength, and redemption even in the most desperate circumstances.