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What Will You Be Eating?

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Jesus said the way you give to others is the way God will give to you. It’s as if God sends you to purchase your neighbor’s groceries. “Whatever you get your neighbor, get also for yourself.” I’m crazy about double-chocolate ice cream, so I buy my neighbor double-chocolate ice cream.

But suppose your neighbor’s trash blows into your yard. He’s in no rush. He says, “Oh I’ll get to it next week.” And you’re just about to have a talk when God reminds you, “Time to go to the market and buy your neighbor’s groceries.” You march right past the double-chocolate ice cream toward the okra and rice. You drive back and drop the sack in the lap of your lazy, good-for-nothing neighbor. “Have a good dinner.”

And then the next time you go to your pantry, guess what you find? So what’ll you be eating? Chocolate ice cream or okra? It’s up to you.

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