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To Meet the Savior

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If you took a name at random and asked me, “Max, how does Chester Whomever feel about adultery?” I couldn’t answer. I don’t know Chester Whomever. But if you were to ask me, “Max, how does Denalyn Lucado feel about adultery?” I wouldn’t even have to call her. I know. She’s my wife. We have walked together long enough that I know what she thinks.

The same is true with God. Walk with him long enough and you come to know his heart. When you spend time with him in study, you see his compassion. When you welcome him to enter the gateway of your soul, you’ll perceive his will. To meet the Savior is to be set aflame. To discover the flame is to discover his will. And to discover his will is to access a world like none you have ever seen.

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