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Jesus Honors The Faith Of A Veteran – November 5th, 2023

Dr. Rob White - November 5, 2023

Jesus Honors The Faith Of A Veteran

November 11th, 2018
Veteran's Day Sermon
Scripture Text: Matthew 8:5-13
A Veteran's Day Sermon by Rev. Dr. Rob White for the AULC Ministries

From Series: "Blast From The Past"

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This sermon, “Jesus Honors The Faith Of A Veteran,” delivers a powerful message centered on faith, honor, and the unique role veterans play in society. As we celebrate Veterans Day, the message is a timely reminder of the sacrifices made by those who have served in the military, and it draws a parallel between a Roman centurion’s unwavering faith and the courage and commitment exhibited by veterans.

The minister begins by acknowledging Veterans Day as a special holiday dedicated to honoring those who have served in the military. He urges us to consider the significance of this day, which transcends mere celebration and should prompt us to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy due to the sacrifices made by these brave men and women.

While Veterans Day may be associated with flag-waving and shopping for some, the sermon offers a deeper perspective on how to commemorate this occasion. Suggestions include flying the flag to remind others of the day’s importance, dedicating time to prayer, observing moments of silence in honor of the fallen, and wearing a poppy as a symbol of remembrance. These acts not only symbolize respect for veterans but also serve as a reminder of the love and sacrifice they displayed for their country and fellow citizens.

The sermon explores the harsh reality of war and the inevitable nature of conflicts. Drawing from biblical references, it discusses how war is seen as a sign of the second coming of Christ by some, making it both terrible and inevitable. The horrors of war are compared to the unequivocal horrors of hell, highlighting the extreme contrast between the two.

The core of the sermon lies in the story of the Roman centurion who approaches Jesus for help healing his paralyzed servant. This centurion, a military leader, is a recurring figure in the New Testament portrayed in a favorable light. His faith and humility are highlighted, as he recognizes Christ’s superior authority and unworthiness to have Jesus physically come to his home. Instead, he entrusts his servant’s healing to Christ’s word alone, demonstrating remarkable faith.

Jesus, in turn, is amazed by the centurion’s faith, emphasizing that he has not found such profound faith in all of Israel. This story serves as a powerful illustration of faith that honors Christ and, in return, receives His divine intervention.

The sermon concludes by emphasizing the importance of honoring and thanking our veterans. It recognizes their commitment to the cause of freedom, courage, and love for their country. Just as the centurion’s faith honored Christ, our gratitude and acknowledgment of veterans honor their sacrifice. The message leaves us with the reminder that while we honor veterans for their service to the nation, we worship Jesus Christ as our Great Commander-in-Chief.

In summary, this thought-provoking sermon encourages us to look beyond the surface of Veterans Day and reflect on the faith, honor, and sacrifices of those who have served. By doing so, we not only honor veterans but also strengthen our own faith in the unwavering power of Christ. As we thank our veterans for their commitment to our country, we remember that they have played a significant role in preserving the freedoms we cherish today.

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