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An Update On Dr. Rob

As most of you already know, in August 2022, I suffered a heart attack. That resulted in me having two stents put in and along with the heart attack, I gained a few health issues.

One major health issue that came about was my blood pressure would suddenly drop and causing me to fall and sometimes pass out.

This issue has landed me in the hospital a couple of times. Not long ago, my Cardiologist found the cause and called it Orthostasis. Basically meaning I have neuropathy in my neck. Since I have been on the medication, it seems to have curbed this issue.

In November 2022, due to my health, I was forced to retire from my job of 16 years, working for the State of Indiana, and this has been a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is that I am getting a bit better (I will never be fully healed, unfortunately) and the curse is our finances have suffered greatly, since social security doesn’t pay as good as my full time job paid. The Lord has been with us, as He always is, and has seen us through some pretty tough times over the past year.

That being said, I have been unable to preach, so I have been running a sermon series called Blast From The Past, featuring sermons from 2018 that had never aired on my Roku or Fire TV channels. During one of my falls, I had some teeth knocked out and it has made talking (or understanding me) a real challenge. I am set to get my teeth fixed in December and plan to return to preaching again after the first of the year.

On the Ministry front, we have recently moved back to WordPress as our platform and we have most of our older sermons back online again too. We have worked to get the sermon database all caught up and are in the process of refining our site and getting some of our features back up and running as well.

That just about covers it for now. I want to thank everyone for their understanding, patience and prayers over this last year. It goes to show just how much prayer works!

Be Blessed!

Dr. Rob White, Minister

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support