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One Big Happy Site Family Now!

Recently, we have had two sites for our Ministry. As you can imagine, this was a logistical nightmare, trying to keep two sites updated at the same time.

So, since we really didn’t need two web sites, we chose to merge both sites and become one again!

We have redirected the (Our original Ministry site) to our Studio Site (this site) and now we just have one site to deal with!

This will enable us to better serve you by being able to have one place to go, instead of trying to direct you here, there and yonder!

Anyway, please continue to check back often as we now have most of our old WordPress site back up and running again. We will continue to add more features and continue to build out our site to give you the best experience we possibly can!

Thank you!

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed!
Dr. Rob White, Minister

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support