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Sister Site – New Format

Summer last year (2022), we had to drop our WordPress site due to a massive database failure. We switched our Ministry site at to an HTML format in order to get back up and running again!

We have had this domain here at the AULC Studios for about the same amount of time that we have had our Ministry site running. Now that we have our WordPress platform up and running again, we are going to utilize our Studio domain for our WordPress Platform.

It will take us a little time to get this platform back up and running again, however, in the meantime, our past sermons and posts should be back online once again and this will help the search engines to get to know us again!

Currently on our Ministry site, we are featuring our latest series called Blast From The Past. This series features past recorded sermons and showing them again.

The main reason for this series is, in August 2022, I suffered a heart attack. As a result, I have a few more medical issues that came along with that. One issue was a sudden drop in my blood pressure that would cause me to fall. I did fall in November 2022, into a tote full of tools, and broke out some teeth and this make speaking (or at least hearing me speak) difficult, at best. Until I am able to get my teeth fixed (hopefully in the near future), I will be running this series. Once I am able to, I will start preaching again!

I will continue to update this platform and should be back up and running again soon! Check back often and watch us grow…again!

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