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Spring Cleaning Scheduled

I have put this off for a while and then when looking for some older sermon videos, I discovered that Many videos and audios from 2013-2017 are missing. Now, this isn’t from a hard disk failure, but from when I lost the Vimeo Video Storage account. Since then, I have moved to a different provider and apparently, didn’t get lots of videos moved over.

So, in the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I am going to begin to go into the archives and start cleaning up the database. This will take time, so if you are searching for older sermons, you may still find many missing. I have almost 400 sermon videos and audios in the database, so I have to go through all these entries and fix them or delete them!

At the same time, since I have almost 1000 posts, I will need to go through them as well to take out irrelevant posts, like service postponements, weather related posts, etc. Again, this will take some time.

Rest assured, that none of this spring cleaning will affect your visits here, unless you are looking at some of the missing items!

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