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Isn’t It Always Something?

Just when you think you have everything under control, then BOOM it all goes up in smoke!

Last Saturday, we moved to another hosting server and when we have our site fully updated and online.  Just a couple of hours later, it all went away!  It was gone!

The entire hosting server went offline and we couldn’t get to our site, which meant that No one could get to our site!

I contacted the Support Team for our hosting server and was told that they were updating the server and it would be back online soon!  Of course, they didn’t say how soon!

Well, long story short, (I know, too late), more than 5 days later, we were back online once again!  I just hope and pray that it doesn’t go down again!

In any case, we are back online and fully updated again.  I will keep you updated and I know more, but at least for now, we are back again!

Dr. Rob White
Minister, AULC Ministries

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support