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Self-Isolation Can Be Good Sometimes

Like many people nowadays, I have been working from home with my daytime job, and I thought it might be boring, however, I have found that it is really, better than I thought!

Working from home, gives you the freedom to actually work in your pajamas, if you want, because no one can see you from the waist up on a video conference.  So, put on a nice shirt and make sure that everything behind you is nice and tidy, and there you go!

During my normal work week, I don’t have a lot of time at home to do much, mainly because I am usually too tired to do anything once I get home.  Working from home allows me to still get up (not at 5am, like normal thankfully) and get my morning started and then login and start my work day.  Catch up on my emails and make a few phone calls, maybe have a video conference or two and then come break time or lunch, I have some time to do things around my home office that I haven’t had the time or energy to do.

I’ve taken some time over the past week to redo my home office, to accommodate my work environment and to redo my home studio.

I have a tablet for work, so making room for that was simple and easy.  Redoing the home studio, not so much.

I have replaced my older, aging webcam with a new Logitech C922 and was able to use it on my sermon video today.  I hadn’t realized how much my older webcam was failing me.  This new C922 is fantastic and clear as a bell.

Another addition to my home studio was adding a new 4TB hard rive to my computer.  The additional storage space will help me to better organize my video assets so that I don’t have to hunt around for them when I need them!

I have some new goodies coming still, but another nice addition is upgrading my Internet service to 1 Gigabit Up and 1 Gigabit Down.  Metronet is still working on getting this going, but should be up and running fully by tomorrow.

 I am also improving my green screen technology by adding new green screen software and replacing some of my older fading green screens to bring more vivid, and clearer videos.

So, like I said, self-isolating can be good sometimes, mainly because I have gotten a lot done this past week and making it better for everyone, especially since we can only get together virtually for now.

Still more to come, but for now, if you are looking to improve your home studio, check out these great deals on Logitech Webcams!

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