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The Indiana Guard Reserve


When I first wrote this article, I was fairly new to the IGR.  Today, both my wife and myself are members of the IGR Training Command.  We are both instructors and there are 3 or 4 times a year that I have to miss a Sunday Service because of training.  This being said, since the Covid-19 pandemic began, I have been live streaming and have not been at my normal Nursing Home setting for my services.  I will try to have my videos already online for the Sundays that I need to be at Camp Atterbury.

Original post:

I forgot to post that I wouldn’t be adding a new sermon video last Sunday.  I was out of town, and so, no sermon, and no video!

In February 2016, I enlisted in The Indiana Guard Reserve.  No, this isn’t The Indiana Army National Guard, it is what used to be known as The State Militia or State Guard.  The IGR is a support command to The Indiana Army National Guard.

That being said, I spent last weekend at Camp Atterbury for my Annual Training with the IGR.  Since this training spread over into Sunday, I had cancelled my services and had told my local congregation that I would be gone, but forgot to put a post telling my online congregation that I wouldn’t be here!

In any event, my wife and I are back once again and services will commence as always, this coming Sunday.  You will be able to find a new sermon video and new music video added to our portfolio as early as Sunday Evening!

Just so you know, in case you weren’t aware, we have every sermon archived online, dating back to November 2012.  All of our music videos are online as well.  You can check them out here on our site or on our Vimeo Channel.

One more thing before I go.  The Indiana Guard Reserve is looking for people like you!  Even if you have never been in the military before, you can still join the IGR.  You can put your skills and talents to good use, protecting the citizens of Indiana.  We have a need for medical professionals in our Medical Command unit.  Doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. are needed for when the IGR is called out for any disaster, such as a tornado or flood.  The Medical Command will setup a Field Hospital, kind of like a MASH unit (from the old TV series) and step in to help out, when hospitals are unable to handle such disasters.

No matter what your skills and talents are, we can use you in the IGR.  For more information, please visit The Indiana Guard Reserve web site.

Thank you for understanding and reading this post, like I said before, back to our normal programming!

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed!

Rev. Dr. Rob White, Senior Pastor

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support