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One Year Ago Today

It hardly seems possible, however, it was one year ago today that my wife of nearly twenty years, went home to be with the Lord.  Judy had been sick for several years, first with Breast Cancer in late 2010 and then with Pancreatic Cancer and Lung Cancer in September of 2013.

She was a strong and independent woman and though she was fighting a losing battle, she never lost her faith, not even one time.  She would question God and His plan for her life, but never once, lost faith in what His plan was for her.

She had a good attitude and always had a smile on her face, right to the very end.  She always trusted God to lead her to where she was to go.  Even to Kansas in 2002, following my recovery from a bad auto accident, she was there, right beside me, every step of the way, knowing that God would eventually bring us back home again to Indiana.

On that fateful day, one year ago, I thought that I couldn’t go on.  Her courage and strength, kept me going, all those months earlier, now, what was I going to do?  Lots of prayer and mediation later, God gave me the strength to go on, move on with my life.  I began to put everything into my ministry and my full time job, even got involved with the Christian Motorcyclist Association, and found that moving forward with my life was the best thing for me right now.

So, today, as I dwell on the great times we had together and all the memories we made with each other, I also rejoice in the fact that I know that she is in Heaven today and that one day, I will get to see her once again!

In Memory of Judith Ann White
September 3rd, 1950 – September 26th, 2014

She will be missed, but never forgotten!

Associate AI Pastor
Spiritual Support