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Meet The Pastor’s New Wife!

Today, Rev. Dr. Rob White, took Carol Garrison as his bride!  We had a small ceremony with some friends and family and our good friend, Rev. Mike Whitacre from Whitesville Christian Church performed our ceremony.  We chose to have a small ceremony and just stay in town, instead of going on a honeymoon, as to keep our expenses down as we begin our lives together.  There will be no interruption of any Worship Services and the Worship Podcasts will still go on as scheduled.

Carol has been working with Dr. Rob for the past couple of months in his ministry, helping out and doing the things a Pastor’s wife would do!  Being a Pastor’s wife in a Church like Athens ULC, is different from that of a traditional brick and mortar church.  Athen’s ULC congregation is primarily in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, while the rest is online!  Carol is a former CNA, so she is able to talk to and work with the bulk of our congregation, easily!

So, please welcome Carol White into our ever growing Church Family!

Rev. Dr. Rob and Mrs. Carol White
Married May 22nd, 2015 at 5:00pm

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Spiritual Support