Sermon Title Speaker Sermon Date Description Sermon Audios Sermon Videos
What Cancer Cannot Do Dr. Rob White 2022-09-25 Part 2 of my Cancer Series from 2013 rewritten. Whatcancercannotdo-1.mp3 <Whatcancercannotdo-1.mp4
When Bad Things Happen To Good People Dr. Rob White 2022-09-18 This is a sermon re-write from 2013. Whenbadthingshappen-1.mp3 Whenbadthingshappen-1.mp4
Trespasses, Debts or Sins Dr. Rob White 2022-09-11 The Lord's Prayer Explained Tresspassesdebtsorsins-1.mp3 Tresspassesdebtsorsins-1.mp4
The Beginning of Life as we know it Art Akilis 2022-09-04 Chapter 1 of The Story Thestory02-1.mp3 Thestory02-1.mp4
Introduction to The Story Art Akilis 2022-08-28 Introduction to The Story by Randy Frazee and Max Lucado Thestory01-1.mp3 Thestory01-1.mp4
On Not Being Offended By Jesus Art Akilis 2022-08-21 Jesus blesses us when we remain faithful even in the face of unhappy circumstances. Onnotbeingoffendedbyjesus-1.mp3 Onnotbeingoffendedbyjesus-1.mp4
Jesus Cares Art Akilis 2022-08-14 When we are in the storms of life, we need to remember that Jesus is right there beside us and that He does care what happens to us! Jesuscares-1.mp3 Jesuscares-1.mp4
Give Me The Reader's Digest Version Dr. Rob White 2022-08-07 Christ calls us to love both God and neighbor by actions (obeying God and serving neighbor) that demonstrate our love. Givemethereadersdigestversion-1.mp3 Givemethereadersdigestversion-1.mp4
Ministry at the Margins Dr. Rob White 2022-07-31 Christ had highly successful ministry with marginal people, and calls us to minister to marginal people in his name. Ministry At The Margins-1.mp3 Ministry At The Margins-1.mp4
Praying Through The Tough Times Dr. Rob White 2022-07-24 Christ calls us to pray persistently in the faith that God will help those who cry to him day and night. Praying Through The Tough Times.mp3 Praying Through The Tough Times.mp4
A Hip-Pocket Prayer Dr. Rob White 2022-07-17 Faith is a gift from God, but like other gifts requires that we practice, practice, practice if we are to experience its full benefit. Hip-Pocket Prayers-1.mp3 Hip-Pocket Prayers-1.mp4
A Guide for a New World Dr. Rob White 2022-07-10 Christ calls us to discard the self-seeking rules of this world for the self-giving rules of God's kingdom. A Guide To A New World-1.mp3 A Guide To A New World-1.mp4
Called To Be Free Dr. Rob White 2022-07-03 This is our Independence Day Weekend Sermon. Called To Be Free.mp3 Called To Be Free-1.mp4
Serving God Seven Days a Week! Dr. Rob White 2022-06-26 God calls us to deeds of kindness and mercy on the Sabbath and every other day of the week. Serving God 7 Days A Week-1.mp3 Serving God 7 Days A Week-1.mp4
Father\'s Day 2022 Dr. Rob White 2022-06-19 Our Father\'s Day Sermon Fathers Day 2022-1.mp3 Fathers Day 2022-1.mp4
Uncomfortable Blessings Dr. Rob White 2022-06-12 The road of discipleship is not easy, because we are called to help Christ in the transformation of an evil world, but Christ blesses our efforts in his behalf. Uncomfortable Blessings-1.mp3 Uncomfortable Blessings-1.mp4
Get Ready! Dr. Rob White 2022-06-05 Jesus calls us to give alms, show mercy, and perform acts of kindness in preparation for his coming. Get Ready-1.mp3 Get Ready-1.mp4
Memorial Day 2022 Dr. Rob White 2022-05-29 Our Memorial Day 2022 Sermon Memorial Day 2022-1.mp3 Memorial Day 2022-1.mp4
Teach Us To Pray Dr. Rob White 2022-05-22 Jesus taught us to pray by giving us a model prayer and by teaching us that the God to whom we pray is our loving Father. Teach Us To Pray-1.mp3 Teach Us To Pray-1.mp4
An Over The Top God 2022 Dr. Rob White 2022-05-15 The Parable of the Lost Sheep reminds us that we all need saving––and that Christ calls us to help him to save the rest who need saving. An Over The Top God.mp3 An Over The Top God-1.mp4
Mothers Are A Little Like God Dr. Rob White 2022-05-08 Our Mother\'s Day Message Mothers Are A Little Like God-1.mp3 Mothers Are A Little Like God-1.mp4
Was Jesus Out Of His Mind? Dr. Rob White 2022-05-01 Our Pre-Mother\'s Day Message Was Jesus Out Of His Mind-1.mp3 Was Jesus Out Of His Mind-1.mp4
Doubting and Believing Dr. Rob White 2022-04-24 Jesus gives us what we need to be able to believe––and blesses us when we do believe. Doubting And Believing-1.mp3 Doubting And Believing-1.mp4
Still Jesus\' Brother and Sister Dr. Rob White 2022-04-17 Our Easter Sunday Message for 2022 - Even when we have been unfaithful, Jesus still calls us \"My brother!\"––\"My sister!\" Still Jesus Brother and Sister.mp3 Still Jesus Brother And Sister-1.mp4
The Seven (Actually Eight) Last Words Dr. Rob White 2022-04-15 Our Good Friday 2022 Message The Seven Actually Eight Last Words-1(1).mp3 The Seven Actually Eight Last Words-1(1).mp4
Who Is This Humble Ordinary Man? Dr. Rob White 2022-04-10 Our Palm Sunday 2022 Sermon Message Who Is This Humble Ordinary Man.mp3 Who Is This Humble Ordinary Man.mp4
Jesus\' Mighty Temptations Dr. Rob White 2022-04-03 Jesus resisted temptation and helps us to resist temptation. Jesus Mighty Temptations.mp3 JesusMightyTemptations.mp4
Listen To The Wind Dr. Rob White 2022-03-27 Jesus calls us to be born again –– born from above –– so we might be able to see the kingdom of God. Listen To The Wind.mp3 Listen To The Wind.mp4
Planting Good Seeds Dr. Rob White 2022-03-20 Jesus calls us to be patient with sinners––and to have faith that God will sort it out properly in the last days. Planting Good Seeds.mp3 Planting Good Seeds.mp4
If Someone Sins Against You Dr. Rob White 2022-03-06 Jesus prescribes a four-step process for achieving reconciliation when someone has sinned against you. If Someone Sins Against You.mp3 If Someone Sins Against You.mp4
A Zero Sum Game Dr. Rob White 2022-02-27 This parable tells us that our reward as Christians is solely dependent on the grace of God––not on our own efforts or merits. Zero Sum Game.mp3 Zero Sum Game.mp4
What Do You Think? Dr. Rob White 2022-02-20 Sinners understand their unworthiness and are open to repentance –– to becoming God\'s faithful sons and daughters. What Do You Think.mp3 What Do You Think.mp4
Giving Your All To Two Necessary Loves Dr. Rob White 2022-02-13 Jesus assures us that all the wisdom that we need to know is summed up in two commandments:  Love God and love your neighbor. Giving Your All.mp3 Giving Your All.mp4
The Right Reason If You Want To Be Great! Dr. Rob White 2022-02-06 True greatness comes from humble service. The Right Reason.mp3 The Right Reason 02062022-1.mp4
Sheep Without A Shepherd Dr. Rob White 2022-01-16 Jesus calls us to see the people of our community who are like sheep without a shepherd––and to pray that the Lord will send laborers (including us) to bring in the harvest. SheepWithoutAShepherd.mp3 SheepWithoutAShepherd.mp4
Kingdom L-I-K-E Dr. Rob White 2022-01-09 Jesus tells us that God\'s kingdom may be scarcely visible today, but it has hidden power that will become visible tomorrow. Kingdom LIKE.mp3 Kingdom LIKE_x264.mp4
A God of New Beginnings 2022 Dr. Rob White 2022-01-01 With the New Year starting, we are back to producing our weekly sermons! God of New Beginnings 01012022.mp3 God of New Beginnings 01012022_x264.mp4