Sermon Title Speaker Sermon Date Description Sermon Audios Sermon Videos
Fully Free Dr. Rob White 2021-07-04 July 4th, 2021<br>
Our Fourth of July Message
Fully Free 07042021.mp3 Fully Free 07042021.mp4
Blessings Given & Received Dr. Rob White 2021-05-23 May 23rd, 2021<br>
Christ calls us to love God and neighbor as a way of making our world and our lives better.
Blessings Given and Received 05232021.mp3 Blessings Given And Received 05232021.mp4
Happy Mother\'s Day 2021 Dr. Rob White 2021-05-09 May 9th, 2021<br>
Happy Mother\'s Day 2021
HappyMothersDay2021 05092021.mp3 Happymothersday2021 05092021.mp4
TGIF Dr. Rob White 2021-05-16 May 16th, 2021<br>
Jesus simplifies the matter of obedience to God, thus fashioning a light yoke for us to wear and promising rest for our souls.
TGIF 05162021.mp3 Tgif 05162021.mp4
Giving Back To God Dr. Rob White 2021-05-02 May 2nd, 2021<br>
Christ calls us to give ourselves back to God––to be God\'s faithful servants day by day.
Giving Back To God 05022021.mp3 Giving Back To God 05022021.mp4
Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One Dr. Rob White 2021-04-25 April 25th, 2021<br>
Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One
Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One 04252021.mp3 Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One 04252021.mp4
Palm Sunday 2021 Dr. Rob White 2021-03-28 March 28th, 2021<br>
Palm Sunday 2021
PalmSunday2021.mp3 Palmsunday2021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 9 Dr. Rob White 2021-03-21 March 21st, 2021<br>
The Story: Chapter 9 - Ruth
The Story Chapter 9 03212021.mp3 The Story Chapter 9 03212021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 8 Dr. Rob White 2021-02-28 February 28th, 2021<br>
The Story: Chapter 8 - A Few Good Men...And Women
The Story Chapter 9 03212021.mp3 The Story Chapter 8 02282021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 7 Dr. Rob White 2021-02-21 February 21st, 2021<br>
The Story: Chapter 7 - The Battle Begins
The Story Chapter 7 02212021.mp3 The Story Chapter 7 02212021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 6 Dr. Rob White 2021-02-14 February 14th, 2021<br>
The Story: Chapter 6 - Wandering
The Story Chapter 6 02142021.mp3 The Story Chapter 6 02142021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 5 Dr. Rob White 2021-02-07 February 7th, 2021<br>
The Story Chapter 5 - New Commandments and a New Covenant
The Story Chapter 5 02072021.mp3 The Story Chapter 5 02072021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 4 Dr. Rob White 2021-01-31 January 31st, 2021<br>
The Story Chapter 4 Deliverance
The Story Chapter 4 01312021.mp3 The Story Chapter 4 01312021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 3 Dr. Rob White 2021-01-24 January 24th, 2021<br>
The Story Chapter 3 - Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh
The Story Chapter 3 01242021.mp3 The Story Chapter 3 01242021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 2 Dr. Rob White 2021-01-17 January 17th, 2021<br>
The Story God Builds A Nation
The Story God Builds A Nation 01172021.mp3 The Story God Builds A Nation 01172021.mp4
The Story: Chapter 1 Dr. Rob White 2021-01-10 January 10th, 2021<br>
The Story: Chapter 1 - The Beginning Of Life As We Know It!
The Story Chapter 1 01102021.mp3 The Story Chapter 1 01102021.mp4
The Story: Introduction Dr. Rob White 2021-01-03 January 3rd, 2021<br>
An Introduction to \"The Story\" as we begin our 31 week Sermon Series.
The Story Introduction 01032021.mp3 The Story Introduction 01032021.mp4