Sermon Title Speaker Sermon Date Description Sermon Audios Sermon Videos
Mary\'s Story Dr. Rob White 2020-12-27 December 27th, 2020<br>
The Christmas story as told from Mary\'s point of view!
Marys Story 12272020.mp3 Marys Story 12272020.mp4
Pray, Then Listen! Dr. Rob White 2020-12-20 December 20th, 2020<br>
God has important work for each one of us to do, and we need to pray––and listen––and obey the call that we hear.
Pray Then Listen 12202020.mp3 Pray Then Listen 12202020.mp4
Become a Martyr for Jesus Dr. Rob White 2020-12-13 December 13th, 2020<br>
God calls each of us to be a witness (Greek: marturian) for Christ.
Become A Martyr For Jesus 12132020.mp3 Become A Martyr For Jesus 12132020.mp4
A Lifelong Project Dr. Rob White 2020-12-06 December 6th, 2020<br>
Repentance and forgiveness are lifelong projects that require our daily attention.
A Lifelong Project 12062020.mp3 A Lifelong Project 12062020.mp4
Are You Ready? Dr. Rob White 2020-11-29 November 29th, 2020<br>
Christ calls us to be ready for the great day when he will come again.
Are You Ready 11292020.mp3 Are You Ready 11292020.mp4
Thankful For The Simple Gifts Dr. Rob White 2020-11-22 November 22nd, 2020<br>
Our Thanksgiving Week Sermon
Thankful For The Simple Gifts 11222020.mp3 Thankful For The Simple Gifts 11222020.mp4
No Hits, Runs or Errors Dr. Rob White 2020-11-15 November 15th, 2020<br>
The Parable of the Talents tells us not to live a \"no hits, no runs, no errors\" kind of life –– but to participate actively in the life of the kingdom.
No Hits Runs Or Errors 11152020.mp3 No Hits Runs Or Errors 11152020.mp4
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross? Dr. Rob White 2020-11-08 November 8th, 2020<br>
Our Veterans Day Week Sermon
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross 11082020.mp3 Am I A Soldier Of The Cross 11082020.mp4
Under New Management Dr. Rob White 2020-11-01 November 1st, 2020<br>
To get ready for Jesus\' coming, we need to place ourselves \"Under New Management\" by making Jesus Lord of our lives.
Under-New-Management-11012020.mp3 Under New Management 11012020.mp4
Gloom Despair and Agony On Me Dr. Rob White 2020-10-25 October 25th, 2020<br>
This sermon looks at how Elijah suffered from depression. It looks at the circumstances that made him more likely to suffer from depression and how God lifted him from that dark depression.
Gloom-Despair-And-Agony-On-Me-10252020.mp3 Gloom Despair And Agony On Me 10252020.mp4
We Aren\'t Called To Gloat Dr. Rob White 2020-10-18 October 18th, 2020<br>
Jesus didn\'t call us to gloat, but to bear fruit for the kingdom of God.
We-Arent-Called-To-Gloat-10182020.mp3 We Arent Called To Gloat 10182020.mp4
Are You Coming To The Party? Dr. Rob White 2020-10-11 October 11th, 2020<br>
Christ invites us to God\'s party and asks us to put on the robe of righteous living––of holiness.
Are-You-Coming-To-The-Party-10112020.mp3 Are You Coming To The Party 10112020.mp4
Going Through The Motions Dr. Rob White 2020-09-27 September 27th, 2020<br>
There are times in our lives that we find ourselves in our walk with Christ, that we are sleep walking and just going through the motions.
Going-Through-The-Motions-09272020.mp3 Going Through The Motions 09272020.mp4
Jesus Will Use My Lunch! Dr. Rob White 2020-09-20 September 20th, 2020<br>
Christ calls all of us, whether we are one-talent or five-talent Christians, to use what he has given us in his service.
Jesus-Will-Use-My-Lunch-09202020.mp3 Jesus Will Use My Lunch 09202020.mp4
Jesus Says Stop Counting! Dr. Rob White 2020-09-06 September 6th, 2020<br>
Jesus calls us to forego keeping records and to forgive Christian brothers and sisters essentially without end.
Jesus-Says-Stop-Counting-09062020.mp3 Jesus Says Stop Counting 09062020.mp4
Whose Side I Am On Dr. Rob White 2020-08-30 August 30th, 2020<br>
Christ calls us to obey the Great Commission, which requires that we show who\'s side we\'re on.
Whose-Side-I-Am-On-08302020.mp3 Whose Side I Am On 08302020.mp4
Big Trouble in a Small Boat Dr. Rob White 2020-08-23 August 23rd, 2020<br>
When we call on Jesus in faith, he will save us from our big troubles––even though we find ourselves afloat on small boats.
Big-Trouble-In-A-Small-Boat-08232020.mp3 Big Trouble In A Small Boat 08232020.mp4
How Would You Know? Dr. Rob White 2020-08-16 August 16th, 2020<br>
Jesus says that the true test of religious devotion is the words that come out of our mouths.
How-Would-You-Know-08162020.mp3 How Would You Know 08162020.mp4
God\'s Math Dr. Rob White 2020-08-02 August 2nd, 2020<br>
Christ calls us, when we are faced with the impossibilities of life, to face them hand in hand with God, who makes all things possible.
Gods-Math-08022020.mp3 Gods Math 08022020.mp4
Seven Steps To Praying In Tough Times Dr. Rob White 2020-07-26 July 26th, 2020<br>
Seven Steps To Praying In Tough Times
Seven-Steps-To-Praying-In-Tough-Times-07262020.mp3 Seven Steps To Praying In Tough Times 07262020.mp4
Which One Would You Rather Be? Dr. Rob White 2020-07-19 July 19th, 2020<br>
Christ calls us to show compassion in tangible ways to the poor and vulnerable in our midst.
Which-One-Would-You-Rather-Be-07192020.mp3 Which One Would You Rather Be 07192020.mp4
Freedom All At Once and Forever Dr. Rob White 2020-07-05 July 5th, 2020<br>
Our 4th of July Independence Day Weekend Sermon
Freedom-All-At-Once-And-Forever-07052020.mp3 Freedom All At Once And Forever 07052020.mp4
The Lord Is A Strong Tower Dr. Rob White 2020-06-28 June 28th, 2020<br>
Christ asks us to acknowledge him in public witness to people, and promises to reciprocate by acknowledging us in private witness to his Father.
The-Lord-Is-A-Strong-Tower-06282020.mp3 The Lord Is A Strong Tower 06282020.mp4
The Prodigal Father Dr. Rob White 2020-06-21 Many scholars believe that the Parable of the Prodigal Son is misnamed. It is actually the father who was the prodigal. This is our Father's Day Sermon. The-Prodigal-Father-06212020.mp3 The Prodigal Father 06212020.mp4
God Doesn\'t Call The Qualified Dr. Rob White 2020-06-14 June 14th, 2020<br>
God doesn\'t call the qualified, He qualifies the called!
God-Doesnt-Call-The-Qualified-06142020.mp3 God Doesnt Call The Qualified 06142020.mp4
Godquest Chapter 4 Dr. Rob White 2020-06-07 June 7th, 2020<br>
This is Chapter 4 of our 6 Part Series called \"Godquest\".
Godquest-Chapter-4-06072020.mp3 Godquest Chapter 4 06072020.mp4
God\'s Fiery Breath Dr. Rob White 2020-05-31 May 31st, 2020<br>
The church today needs to be Spirit-powered, just as was the first church, established at Pentecost.
Gods-Fiery-Breath-05312020.mp3 Gods Fiery Breath 05312020.mp4
Memorial Day 2020 Dr. Rob White 2020-05-24 May 24th, 2020<br>
Our Memorial Day Weekend Service
Memorial-Day-2020-05242020.mp3 Memorial Day 2020 05242020.mp4
The People Are Very Hungry Dr. Rob White 2020-05-17 May 17th, 2020<br>
Jesus Christ, the Bread of the World, meets our deepest needs for sustenance.
The-People-Are-Very-Hungry-05172020.mp3 The People Are Very Hungry 05172020.mp4
Behold, Your Mother 2020 Dr. Rob White 2020-05-10 May 10th, 2020<br>
A special Mother\'s Day Message!
Behold-Your-Mother-05102020.mp3 Behold Your Mother 05102020.mp4
What Is The Cost? Count The Cost! Dr. Rob White 2020-05-03 May 3rd, 2020 <br>
Christ offers transform our lives if we become his disciples, but warns that it will be expensive.
What-Is-The-Cost-05022020.mp3 What Is The Cost 05022020.mp4
Dying To Live Beyond Ourselves Dr. Rob White 2020-04-26 April 26th, 2020<br>
Christ calls us to self-denial and cross-bearing, not so that we might suffer, but so that we might live.
Dying-To-Live-Beyond-Ourselves-04262020.mp3 Dying To Live Beyond Ourselves 04262020.mp4
Scared To Death On Easter Dr. Rob White 2020-04-19 April 19th, 2020<br>
When we are afraid, Christ brings us peace and calls us to let faith rather than fear rule our lives.
Scared-To-Death-On-Easter-04182020.mp3 Scared To Death On Easter 04192020.mp4
Believing Is Seeing A Christ For All Seasons Dr. Rob White 2020-04-12 April 12th, 2020<br>
Christ offers a special blessing to us, because we have not seen but we have believed. Easter promises that Christ has the power and the will to help us in every circumstance of life.
Believeing-Is-Seeing-A-Christ-For-All-Seasons.mp3 Believing Is Seeing a Christ For All Seasons 04122020.mp4
Remembering Good Friday Dr. Rob White 2020-04-10 April 10th, 2020<br>
Our Good Friday Sermon
Remembering-Good-Friday.mp3 Remembering Good Friday 04102020.mp4
Who Is This That Says Humility Rules? Dr. Rob White 2020-04-05 April 5th, 2020<br>
Our Palm Sunday Sermon
Who-Is-This-That-Says-Humility-Rules-04052020.mp3 Who Is This That Says Humility Rules 04052020.mp4
The Last Seven Words Dr. Rob White 2020-03-29 March 29th, 2020<br>
The last seven words that Jesus spoke...explained
The-Last-Seven-Words-03292020.mp3 The Last Seven Words 03292020.mp4
Encountering God Through Difficulties Dr. Rob White 2020-03-22 March 22nd, 2020<br>
During difficult times, we need to stop and listen to God\'s viewpoint!
Encountering-God-03222020.mp3 Encountering God 03222020.mp4
Godquest Chapter 3 Dr. Rob White 2020-03-15 March 15th, 2020<br>
This is the third in our series called \"Godquest\"
Godquest-Chapter-3-03152020.mp3 Godquest Chapter 3 03152020.mp4
Two Steps Forward and One Step Back Dr. Rob White 2020-03-08 March 8th, 2020<br>
In his baptism, Jesus took one of three steps down (incarnation, baptism, and crucifixion) in preparation for two big steps up (resurrection and ascension).
Two-Steps-Forward-03082020.mp3 Two Steps Forward 03082020.mp4
Godquest Chapter Two Dr. Rob White 2020-02-23 February 23rd, 2020<br>
This is our second chapter of our current series called \"Godquest\".
Godquest-Chapter-Two.mp3 Godquest Chapter Two.mp4
Godquest Chapter One Dr. Rob White 2020-02-02 February 2nd, 2020<br>
This six part sermon series is called \"Godquest\".
Godquest-Chapter-One-02022020.mp3 Godquest Chapter One 02022020.mp4
I\'m Gonna Let It Shine Dr. Rob White 2020-01-12 January 12th, 2020<br>
Let your little light shine for Jesus (just as John the Baptist did), and you will be surprised at how much God can make out of your life.
Im-Gonna-Let-It-Shine-01122020.mp3 Im Gonna Let It Shine 01122020.mp4
Using Precious Gifts Dr. Rob White 2020-01-05 January 5th, 2020<br>
Come bearing gifts to give to Jesus, whatever you have, great or small, and watch him use your gifts to change the world.
Using-Precious-Gifts-01052020.mp3 Using Precious Gifts 01052020.mp4