Sermon Title Speaker Sermon Date Description Sermon Audios Sermon Videos
Angel\'s Among Us Dr. Rob White 2019-12-29 December 29th, 2019<br>
God has surrounds each one of us with angels bearing messages that we need to hear––messages that have the potential to bless our lives.
Angels-Among-Us-12292019.mp3 Angels Among Us 12292019.mp4
O, Come All Ye Faithful Dr. Rob White 2019-12-22 December 22nd, 2019<br>
God is present and working to effect our salvation, even when life is ordinary––even when life is difficult.
O-Come-All-Ye-Faithful-12222019.mp3 O Come All Ye Faithful 12222019.mp4
With Our Own Eyes Dr. Rob White 2019-12-15 December 15th, 2019<br>
We are often tempted to doubt Jesus, but he promises that we will become great in the kingdom of God if we remain faithful to him through the tough times.
With-Our-Own-Eyes-12152019.mp3 With Our Own Eyes 12152019.mp4
Changing Directions Dr. Rob White 2019-12-08 December 8th, 2019<br>
Christ calls us to repent––to change direction––so that he might change our lives.
Changing-Directions-12082019.mp3 Changing Directions 12082019.mp4
I Wish We\'d All Been Ready Dr. Rob White 2019-12-01 December 1st, 2019<br>
Jesus says that he is coming again, and warns us to be ready.
I-Wish-Wed-All-Been-Ready-12012019.mp3 I Wish Wed All Been Ready 12012019.mp4
I Am Thankful For...2019 Dr. Rob White 2019-11-24 November 24th, 2019<br>
Our Thanksgiving Week Sermon
I-Am-Thankful-For-11242019.mp3 I Am Thankful For 11242019.mp4
Orphans No More Dr. Rob White 2019-11-17 November 17th, 2019<br>
Though we might feel that we are going through life alone, when we listen to Jesus we will be orphans no longer.
Orphans-No-More-11172019.mp3 Orphans No More 11172019.mp4
Jesus Honors The Faith Of A Veteran 2019 Dr. Rob White 2019-11-10 November 10th, 2019<br>
Our Veteran\'s Day Sermon
Jesus-Honors-The-Faith-Of-A-Veteran-11102019.mp3 Jesus Honors The Faith Of A Veteran 11102019.mp4
The Right Time To Honor God Dr. Rob White 2019-11-03 November 3rd, 2019<br>
In the story of Jesus and the synagogue leader, Jesus shows us how to REALLY honor God.
The-Right-Time-To-Honor-God-11032019.mp3 The Right Time To Honor God 11032019.mp4
Jesus Saved A Wretch Like Me Dr. Rob White 2019-10-27 October 27th, 2019<br>
Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost––and that\'s ME––and YOU.
Jesus-Saved-A-Wretch-Like-Me-10272019.mp3 Jesus Saved A Wretch Like Me 10272019.mp4
Friends For A Lifetime and Eternity! Dr. Rob White 2019-10-13 October 13th, 2019<br>
\"How can I get crowds to attend my services?\" asked a young preacher of John Wesley. Replied Wesley, \"Get on fire and people will come out to see you burn.\"
Friends-For-A-Lifetime-and-Eternity-10132019.mp3 Friends For A Lifetime and Eternity 10132019.mp4
Have You Ever Lost Anything? Dr. Rob White 2019-09-29 September 29th, 2019<br>
Jesus came to seek and to save those who are lost––and we are all lost––in need of the Good Shepherd––in need of saving.
Have-You-Ever-Lost-Anything-09292019.mp3 Have You Ever Lost Anything 09292019.mp4
Something From Nothing Dr. Rob White 2019-09-22 September 22nd, 2019<br>
A sermon based on Genesis 1:1-19
Something-From-Nothing-09222019.mp3 Something From Nothing 09222019.mp4
Christ, The King Dr. Rob White 2019-09-15 September 15th, 2019<br>
Christ models a very different kingship than we expected––a king whom we find on a cross rather than on a throne.
Christ-The-King-09152019.mp3 Christ The King 09152019.mp4
Promiscuous Christians Dr. Rob White 2019-09-08 September 8th, 2019<br>
Jesus contrasts the person who reluctantly obeys God with the person who does not obey––and calls us to promiscuous obedience.
Promiscuos-Christians-09082019.mp3 Promiscuous Christians 09082019.mp4
A Win/Win Situation Dr. Rob White 2019-09-01 September 1st, 2019<br>
Jesus invites us to the win/win world of God\'s grace.
A-Win-Win-Situation-09012019.mp3 A Win Win Situation 09012019.mp4
Majoring In The Minors Dr. Rob White 2019-08-25 August 25th, 2019<br>
Jesus calls us to major in majors (obedience to God\'s commandments) rather than minors (obeying human laws and cultural norms).
Majoring-In-The-Minors-08252019.mp3 Majoring In The Minors 08252019.mp4
Supersize Me! Dr. Rob White 2019-08-18 August 18th, 2019<br>
Christ calls us to prepare for eternity by generosity to people in need and to focus less on being rich materially and more toward being rich toward God.
Supersize-Me-08182019.mp3 Supersize Me 08182019.mp4
Teach Us To Pray Dr. Rob White 2019-08-11 August 11th, 2019<br>
In teaching us how to pray, Jesus teaches us that God is an always accessible Father––always ready to hear our desires––always ready to meet our needs.
Teach-Us-To-Pray-08112019.mp3 Teach Us To Pray 08112019.mp4
Go and Do Likewise Dr. Rob White 2019-08-04 August 4th, 2019<br>
Christ calls us to extend the breadth of our neighborhood and to extend ourselves in the service of our neighbor.
Go-and-Do-Likewise-08042019.mp3 Go and Do Likewise 08042019.mp4
Take Up Your Cross and Live! Dr. Rob White 2019-07-28 July 28th, 2019<br>
Christ calls us to self-denial and cross-bearing, not so that we might suffer, but so that we might live.
Take-Up-Your-Cross-and-Live-07282019.mp3 Take Up Your Cross and Live 07282019.mp4
Grumbling and Making Too Little of Jesus Dr. Rob White 2019-07-21 July 21st, 2019<br>
Resist the temptation to make too little of Jesus so that you might trust him and enjoy the salvation that he offers. Jesus offers a way out of our dissatisfactions and unhappiness if we will believe in him and feed on his word instead of the spiritual junk food that the world offers.
Grumbling-and-Making-Too-Little-of-Jesus-07212019.mp3 Grumbling and Making Too Little of Jesus 07212019.mp4
An Alternative To Distractions Dr. Rob White 2019-07-07 July 7th, 2019<br>
Jesus calls us to sit at his feet to enjoy his friendship and to benefit from his Lordship.<br>
A sermon by Rev.Dr. Rob White for the AULC Ministries
An-Alternative-To-Distractions-07072019.mp3 An Alternative To Distractions 07072019.mp4
Still Called To Be Free Dr. Rob White 2019-06-30 June 30th, 2019<br>
Our Independence Week Sermon<br>
A sermon by Rev.Dr. Rob White for the AULC Ministries
Still-Called-To-Be-Free-06302019.mp3 Still Called To Be Free 06302019.mp4