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17 March 2023

Please Stand By

If It's Not Broken...

We are starting on Week Two of using our HTML Site.  It is working better than expected!  In fact, it is working well beyond our expectations.

Since it looks like we are going to using this site for a while, we will continue to work on it, expanding it and getting everything going once again.  This won't happen overnight, so please bear with us as we work here.

We have a partial listing of the Sermon Archives up and running.  We don't have anything from 2023 yet, however, everything can still be found on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV Channels and the audio sermons are all online at Talkshoe.

Find out more about accessing these channels further down the page!

We will continue to keep you updated!

12 March 2023

Technical Difficulties

Here We Go Yet Again!

A couple of days ago, Wordpress, the blogging platform we have been using for quite some time now, had a super crash and it appears that there is no light at the end of the tunnel this time.

We are reverting back to an HTML site to keep everything moving. This will mean that all the blog posts from the past 10+ years, and all the sermon archives and other things, will be lost to time. Yes, we have a backup. However, if we can't get the main platform running, the backup is useless.

So, we are asking you to near with us, once again, as we rebuild for the future! One nice thing will be that our site will be highly optimized and will run a lot faster than it did in the past.

The bad thing is that we won't have everything setup for quite some time. So, bear with us as we rebuild!

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

12 March 2023

Social Presence

Social Presence

We will continue to maintain our social presence on Facebook and Twitter. This will require a bit more time for us, but in the end, it is worth it!

12 March 2023

Sermon Archives

Sermon Archives

Soon we will post a page with some of the sermon archives we were able to recover. It will be far from complete, however, it is more than a blank page!

23 April 2025

Amazon Fire TV

New Shop Our Products Page

Since our number of products are starting to grow, we have moved them to their own page so that they can continue to grow and not clutter up the main page so much.

On this page, you will find products such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Roku Streaming Stick and other products that are used in our Ministry.

By purchasing these products from our site, we will earn a small commission on each sale and that money goes back into our Ministry as a donation.

This is just a small way that we can bring in extra money to help fund our Ministry and keep it going each day.

You can also use our Online Giving page to donate to our Ministry too!

We thank each of you that donate in any way to help our Ministry survive.