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Spiritual Gifts Survey is Back!

When we lost our WordPress platform a few months ago, we lost a lot of online resources and we are working to restore these resources for you once again!

One of these resources was our Spiritual Gifts Survey that gives you an idea of where and how God can use you and your talents in the Church and in our Community.

Yes, this is a test, however, it is a test that most people, myself included, doesn’t mind taking! At the end of this survey, you will instantly get a rundown of where you fit in and what your talents are, so that you can get a better idea of where God is leading you!

You will need to set aside a few minutes to answer the questions and complete the survey. It will ask you for your email address so that the results can be sent to you and you alone! NO information is kept from this survey and the information you receive is between you and God and no one else!

If you choose not to use the survey, that is your choice. It is here simply as a resource to be used and not to gather information.

We will be working to restore other resources over the next few weeks and will let you know when more is available!

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