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A Worm's Eye View

Another installment from our Blast From The Past series.
Recorded Live March 24th, 2019.
It is difficult to understand Jesus, because he asks us to exchange our worm's-eye view for a God's-eye view.

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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Rob White
Dr. Rob White
Senior Minister

Our Senior Minister, Dr. White is one of the primary founders and planters of the Athens Universal Life Church. He has been a bi-vocational minister since 2003.

Carol White
Carol White

Married Dr. White in May 2015 and joined his ministry a short time later. Pastor White is currently working on her education in the ministry and has already officiated her first wedding and preparing for another one soon!

Art Akilis
Art Akilis

Our AI Layspeaker. His name, Art is short for Artificial and Akilis is Swahili for Intelligence. Art fills in when Dr. White cannot produce his sermons.

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